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The primary topic for the SYROCO 2021 will be “Robots control with humans in the loop”. Robots are widely used for space, surgery, rehabilitation, micro machine, entertainment, underwater, civil engineering, professional and domestic services, security etc… Without control technology, robots wouldn’t be able to do what they are now able to do. While continuing to play an important role in unmanned areas, they will play an increasing role in areas where humans and robots are in the same space and where the robot may provide support to the human in various scenarios cobots, exoskeletons, or educational robots to name a few examples. This close relation between robots and humans means that new problems of control are emerging and have to be solved.
This Symposium will provide an opportunity to present and discuss research and development work in the hot area of the field. Contributions on basic research as well as on relevant applications are expected.

Important dates

April 30th 2022 Paper submission deadline
Discussion papers 2022 July 15th submission deadline
August 17th 2022 Notification of acceptance of regular papers
September 1st 2022 Notification of acceptance of discussion papers
September 15th 2022 Camera-ready version

Topics of interest:

Control of intelligent autonomous systems: mobile robots, vehicles and UAVs Semi-, highly- and full-automated driving Control of Vehicle Groups and Fleets • Control of Moon and March rovers • Etho-Robotics (ethologically inspired robot motion and behaviour) • Cognitive robot programming and supervising autonomous agents • Modelling of cognitive processes for robotics applications • Control problems of Haptic interaction • Control problems of Telemanipulation • Control problems of Micro/Nano manipulation • Control problems of Networked robots • Robot control (adaptive, robust, learning) • Force and compliance control • Multi-fingered hand control • Multi cooperative robot control • Sensory based robot control • Compact & efficient power for robots • Industrial robot control applications

Organizing Committee

National Organizing Committee
Chair Gentiane Venture, Japan
Vice-Chair from Industry Yuki Nakagawa, Japan
International Program Committee (IPC)
Chair Dana Kulic, Australia
Vice-Chair from Industry Rainer Bischoff, Germany

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