Detailed program

Monday, October 17

15:4502:4523:458:45Opening remarks
16:0003:0000:0009:00Plenary 1 – Christian Ott
17:0004:0001:0010:00Session 1 (Ivan Markovic, Chair)
Control of an Orbital Manipulator with Reaction Wheels for On-Orbit Servicing
Whole-Body Control of a Mobile Manipulator for Passive Collaborative Transportation
Kinematic Modelling and Design of a Tendon Actuated Soft Manipulator
A New Augmented RISE Feedback Controller for Pick-And-Throw Applications with PKMs
Sampling-Based Trajectory (re)planning for Differentially Flat Systems: Application to a 3D Gantry Crane
Preference-Based Optimization of a Human-Robot Collaborative Controller
18:3005:3002:3011:30Session 2 (Patrick Danes, Chair)
Attitude Control in the Mini Cheetah Robot Via MPC and Reward-Based Feed-Forward Controller
Quality Analysis of Multi-Agent Multi-Item Pickup and Delivery Solutions Using a Decoupled Approach
LiDAR Inertial Mapping of Non-Manhattan Topologies for UAV-Based Aircraft Inspection in GNSS-Denied Environments
Multivariable L1 Adaptive Depth and Attitude Control of MEROS Underwater Robot with Real-Time Experiments
Stiffness Optimized Multi-Robot Behavior Planning Using Reduced Hessian Method

Tuesday, October 18

09:0020:0017:0002:00Keynote 1 – Thomas Beckers
10:0021:0018:0003:00Session 3 (Tao Zhang, Chair)
Control of a Robot Expressive Movements Using Non-Verbal Features
Control of a Three-Degree-Of-Freedom Variable Inertia Generator
Fault Identification in Mechatronic Systems
2.5D Mapping, Pathfinding and Path Following for Navigation of a Differential Drive Robot in Uneven Terrain
Analysis and Design of a Macro-Mini Robotic System for Physical Human-Robot Interaction
Discussion papers

Wednesday, October 19

16:0003:0000:0009:00Keynote 2 – Kanako Harada
17:0004:0001:0010:00Session 4 (Bjoern Hein, Chair)
Modular Model-Based Design for Aerial Manipulation with Simulink and ROS
Experimental Evaluation of Intuitive Programming of Robot Interaction Behaviour During Kinesthetic Teaching Using sEMG and Cutaneous Feedback
An Experimental Study on MPC Based Joint Torque Control for Flexible Joint Robots
A Cognitive Architecture for Robot-Assisted Surgical Procedures
Evaluation of Lidar-Based 3D SLAM Algorithms in SubT Environment
OMNI-DRL: Learning to Fly in Forests with Omnidirectional Images
18:3005:3002:3011:30Session 5 (Miroslav Kulich, Chair)
Interval-Valued Invehicular Latency Characterization for Risk/Fault Management Purposes
Cooperative Navigation and Control with Limited Communication Bandwidth: Practical Experiments with a Quantized Averaging Luenberger Observer
Proprioceptive Contact Force and Contact Point Estimation in a Stationary Snake Robot
Comparison of Routing Protocols and Communication Interfaces for the Implementation of Collision Avoidance Capabilities in Fleets of Industrial Mobile Robots

Thursday, October 20

09:0020:0017:0002:00Plenary 4 – Soh Khim Ong
10:0021:0018:0003:00Session 6 (Doo Yong Lee, Chair)
Adaptive Path Following for a Differential Drive Robot with EKF-Based Localization
A Multiple Lyapunov Functions Approach for Formation Tracking Control
Super Twisting Control and Stiffness Modulation for Tensegrity Systems
Robust Adaptive Control for Robotic System with External Disturbance and Guaranteed Parameter Estimation
A Robust Post-Grasping Control Design for Robotic Testbed Demonstration of Space Debris Disposal
Joint Level Adaptive Control for Mobile Robots in ROS 2
11:0022:0019:0004:00Closing remarks
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